Transmission Electronic Control Modules (TCM), sometimes referred to as Transmission Control Units (TCUs), are the computer controls for Heavy Duty Allison transmissions used in heavy equipment, construction and the trucking industries.  These computers sense climate,  conditions and demand, and adjust transmission gearing according to desired speed and power of the output shaft or drive shaft.  If a transmission ECM or TCU goes bad or needs repair, fuel economy and efficiency, as well as smooth transmission functions are lost.  And that's if the rig moves at all.

We repair W-Tec II & W-Tec III Automatic transmission modules. Symptoms include vehicle won’t go forward or reverse, not shifting properly or vehicle goes into limp mode. At the moment we have a limited amount in stock so you may have to send your module to us for repair. Most repairs are done within 24-48 hours. Please have your CIN number and type of Transmission.

ECM King offers rebuilding and remanufacturing of all Allison Electronic Control Modules and TCUs.  We provide the highest quality rebuilds and remans in the business - and boast a 1-year, UNLIMITED MILEAGE Guarantee.  Our price, quality and volume capabilities are unmatched in the ECM rebuilding and remanufacturing industry. This is primarily because ECM King rebuilds and remanufactures our own ECMs.  Buy from us and eliminate the middleman, saving you money!

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