Greetings from Ignition King.  This is the Heavy Duty Truck ECM page.  As most of us involved in the Trucking industry are now aware, the presence of electronic controls is essential to the proper operation of the newest Diesel engines on the market. Whether you know this fact or not, it is important to know that there are certain components in just about all ECMs (Engine Control Module), that have a definite life span and will be prone to failure after a certain period of use. Recently we have noticed a trend in the need to upgrade and repair the ECMs on Cummins products such as the N-14, M11, and L-10 engines.  The Caterpillar and Mack ECMs of the same years are also beginning to show a similar trend in failure. The year range for these units is 1991-1996 so far.  Some of the symptoms for ECM failure are:

  1. Check Engine Light on
  2. Poor performance even though injectors test good
  3. Engine stalling after a period of running
  4. No ECM communication,
  5. Multiple failure codes or even all of the above.

The easiest solution is to get one from the Junk yard or Dealer, right? Well here is the problem, since the junk yard unit is already used, and in un-repaired condition, the chances of repeat failure in the near future are pretty good, plus you may not even receive a unit with the same governor rating or other important program information. The price is usually pretty high also with not much of a guarantee. The second option is to buy a replacement unit from the dealer. The price alone is scary. I've heard of units as high as 2500.00 plus for a replacement N-14 ECM. The Cat unit is even pricier at 2700.00 a pop. The Mack has two controllers which are as equally pricey. Looks like the Factory Guys have us by the Ying-Yang again, doesn't it? Well maybe not. Ignition King now offers a remanufactured ECM for much less. In many cases we can repair the unit for about Half Price of a new one. We also can repair and return in 1 to 2 days. Because we understand that time down is lost income we can at times even offer a loaner ECM while your unit is being repaired thus keeping your rig on the road where it belongs earning you a living. At Ignition king we even have our own TEST Truck in which we install repaired units to insure that you receive the best performance from the ECM that is being sent. All ECMs receive vigorous testing and come with a one year guarantee limited to the ECM components and workmanship. At IGNITION KING we take pride in the fact that we have been in the transportation industry for 24 years and are at the forefront of the ECM repair market. Give us a chance to prove that we are the professionals that we say we are.

Ignition King is American owned and operated and proud to serve the Heavy Duty Truck Industry.




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